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Why bother reading trampoline reviews?

Reading trampoline reviews is the best way to ensure you find the best trampoline for you and your family, without breaking the bank.  If you are as passionate about trampolines as we are, and would not mind saving some money (or a lot) on your next purchase, then you’re in the right place.  Read our trampoline reviews and find the best deals!

It’s not about buying the best trampoline, but the best one for your family

We hope our trampoline reviews help you decide which trampoline best fits your family’s needs.  Remember that the best trampoline for your neighbor might not be the best one for your family.

Reading trampoline reviews will help you find the best trampoline.  When looking to buy a trampoline you should consider the following:

1.  Who will use the trampoline?

This is probably the first thing to determine, but most trampoline reviews fail to mention it.  Is the trampoline going to be used by a toddler or a teenager?  Will it be used by one jumper at a time or multiple jumpers?  Is it going to be used for recreational purposes or for training?  These are just a few questions you need to answer before buying.

2.  Trampoline size, placement and safety

First, you need to look for a trampoline that will fit in your yard.  This might sound basic, but some people forget to measure their yard, and then realize they need to return the trampoline, because they either went too big or too small.  Besides the diameter (actual size of the trampoline), make sure there’s at least 3′ of clearance around, and 25′ of overhead clearance, for safety reasons.  For example, if you buy a round 14′ trampoline, your yard will need to be at least 20 square feet: 14′ (trampoline diameter) + 3′ on each side.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter if you have a big yard or not; there are a lot of options:

When placing the trampoline, keep in mind that jumpers need ample space to safely enter and exit the trampoline, and also to avoid hitting nearby objects.  Also keep in mind that it is best to place the trampoline on a flat surface to avoid tipping.  Again, for safety, buying an anchor system is a good idea.

It is also a good idea to determine how much weight the trampoline will need to resist.  You should check the weight limit before buying.

3.  Choosing a shape

Trampolines come in different shapes.  At first this may seem as a personal preference, but this choice is not so much about looks as it is about function.  The most common ones are:

  • Round trampolines.- These are the most common ones.  Springs on round trampolines work differently than in rectangular ones.  In round trampolines all springs work at the same time, which provides a softer bounce, more suitable for children.  At the higher end, round trampolines are also suitable for adults.
  • Rectangular trampolines.-  Rectangular trampolines offer a more responsive bounce and are commonly used for gymnastics and other sports training.  Since the springs work separately, they allow for a more powerful lift, which is suitable for older children (yes, that also includes you :)).  Rectangular trampolines are more expensive to built, so they tend to cost more than round trampolines.

4.  Shop for value

Keep in mind that trampolines are not products that should be bought on impulse (without reading trampoline reviews).  Trampolines can cost quite a bit and you really don’t want to throw your money away.  Usually, with trampolines, what you pay for is what you get, so consider spending a little more for a trampoline that is well built and uses quality parts, since it wil  last longer and be safe for your family.  A good idea is to purchase a trampoline with enclosure (safety net), and an anchor system to improve trampoline safety.  When the time comes to replace the springs, mats, etc., consider purchasing quality replacement parts so that you can extend the life of your trampoline.

Bottom line:  Our trampoline reviews will help you find quality trampolines that will stand the test of time and that will be safe for your family.

Trampoline Reviews Online Final thoughts

There are countless examples of people who didn’t bother to read trampoline reviews, and ended up spending waaaaayyy too much money on a trampoline that either fell apart after a few short months, or that their children outgrew in no time.  You don’t want your hard-earned money to go down the drain.  However, researching hundreds of trampoline reviews from all over the web, can be stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming.  That’s why we have done the research for you, and prepared trampoline reviews of best-selling trampolines, to help you find the best trampoline, and also to help you save some time and money in the process!  How does that sound?

All we ask in return, if you already own a trampoline included in our trampoline reviews, is to give us your honest opinion so that we can help others find the best one for them.  Thank you! :)